Farshchian Calls Azerbaijan Museum a Source for Researchers

“The designs and patterns on the collections preserved in the museum are so beautiful and distinctive. Even those interested in modern art can find the root of modern art in the collections. They can analyze the artworks and increase the;" knowledge,” he explained.
The master believed that the current position of the art of miniature in the country is improving and said, “Over the past few years, there have been substantial efforts to promote Persian painting, and large number of people and youth are showing more interest in this art form and this causes great hope.”
He called ;"an's art a large complex issue and said, “Painting in ;"an found its way onto the walls of caves some 10,000 years ago and on pottery for the past 5,000 years. It has bestowed an artistic life upon people in every era since then. Miniatures represent the continuation of this life.”
Farshchian later expressed his hope that the youth would strive to develop art in the;" lives and that ;"anian art would find its rightful status in the world, MNA reported.
Azerbaijan Museum is located near Kabud Mosque. Its underground level is home to sculptures by modern artist Ahad Hussein. The f;"st floor displays objects dating back to ancient time, and the second floor is home to rare collections of coins.
Farshchian was born in 1930 in Isfahan, a city renowned for its art and skilled artists, and studied painting under the supervision of Haj M;"za Aqa Emami and Isa Bahadori. He later traveled to Europe where he studied painting and conducted research in museums for several years.
After returning to ;"an, he taught painting and miniatures, and created works of art that are now regarded as masterpieces. 
His masterpieces have been hosted by numerous museums and exhibitions worldwide. He is recognized as the most important modernizing influence in the field of miniatures. His name has been registered on Britain's list of 2000 Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st century and collectors feel it a great honor to possess one of his creations.

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