Info Tour in Mughan and Savalan

Remember, life is not to live in one place. Always travel and visit the best places in the world. When you arrive in a city or region, you will become familiar with the new cultures and, most importantly, you will find new friends. So one of the cheapest trips for tourism companies is the Info Tour, So the first foreign Info Tour of the Mughan and Savalan region in the province of Ardabil was held by the Ulduz Tourism.

We write a small report of this tour.
Please stay with us…


کیوی01 Copy 


first day: Visit the site of the camel and deer Mughan plain

Azerbaijani tourism companies entered the Bilesuvar border on November 30, 2018 and stay at the Kosar hotel. visiting site of the Camel, the site of the deer and Mughan Lake, was the first day itinerary of the tour.
Also some of the passengers went to the shopping in border markets.
Programs Coordination: Mr.Hamedi, Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Bilesuvar

Second day: experience of living with local people in Aslanduz

It is always enjoyable to travel in nature. Especially if you can see the green nature in the fall season. Aslanduz region is one of the most beautiful areas of Ardebil province, which every year many tourists visit of this area.

visiting of the old tree "Piraqaji" and the agricultural fields of the village of Maqsudlu, eating lunch in the traditional garden of Saray and the Mughan dam, which were the second day programs of the trip.


آهو مغان


One of the most interesting parts of tour was the traditional ceremony and cooking by local people in the village of Maqsudlu, which was welcomed by travelers.
Programs Coordination: Mrs.Sorudi, Head of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism of Pars Abad.


اصلاندوز 2 Copy


اصلاندوز 4 Copy


Third day: experience walking at Meshgin shahr suspension bridge

After two days of sightseeing in the province of Ardabil, the Azerbaijani group entered Meshkin Shahr and visited the tourist attractions of the city. Meshkin Shahr is the beautiful and historical city that many Iranian and foreign travelers come here.
Old castle, Suspension bridge, Shahar Yeri and spa of Ayqar Qainareja are the most important tourist destinations in Meshkin shahr that visited by Azerbaijani companies. The passengers also stayed at Dorna Hotel, and the live music in hotel provided a special tour.
After visiting the attractions of Meshkin shahr, the group moved to the village of KurAbaslu.
Hospitality and Village beauties were perfect…
KurAbaslu village is one of the best tourism villages in Iran. Go to this place and enjoy from nature.
On the evening of the third day, guests went to Serein and stayed at the Bustan hotel.
Program Coordination: Orami Company, Tour Operator of eco-tourism in Meshkin shahr.


پل معلق


کورعباسلو Copy


Fourth Day: Visit the historical masterpiece of the Safavid dynasty, Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble in Ardabil

The last day, group went to Ardebil and visited the tomb of Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh.
This complex is one of the most memorable historical monuments of the Safavid dynasty and has been listed as a valuable and historic place in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2010.
Another attraction that attracted tourists was the Kiwi stone bath and Shorabil Lake.
The traditional Yashil Chardash Kiyiv also hosts the guests of Azerbaijan, which was pleased with the hospitality and the quality of the excellent food.
In this trip, the journalist group of Leader Tv were with our tour.


شیخ صفی الدین اردبیلی Copy


شیخ صفی الدین و خانم فرشی

Thanks to the Azerbaijani tourism companies and the Leader TV.


writer: Nasrin Shirzad

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