Ardebil (Savalan) Province

17,800 km2
Language (s)
Farsi (official) and Azerbaijani Turkic


Main Cities
Parsabad, Bilasavar,Germi, Meshginshahr, Namin, Ardabil, Nir, Kowsar, Khalkhal
Famous Souvenir (s)
Carpet, dark halva, honey, cakes, soup, yogurtAash, chocolate, candy, Garbiyeh sweet
Famous Shopping Centers
Arta Bazaar, Ardabil Bazaar, Istanbul Bazaar, Sarcheshmeh Bazaar, Sadaf Bazaar, Safavieh Bazaar, central Bazaar, Mar-mar Bazaar, Yaghuti Bazaar, Etka shopping mall
Famous Handicraft (s)
Carpet, rug and Jajim are of the most ancient crafts of Ardabil city that have a great reputation and importance
Ardabil Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is in the northwest of the country, bordering the Republic of Azerbaijan, the provinces of East Azerbaijan, Zanjan, and Gilan.Its capital is the city of Ardabil. Ardabil city has four climates: warm Mediterranean climate, temperate Mediterranean, cold and mild. The city has very cold winters and mild summers. The presence of Sabalan, Talysh and Bozghosh mountains, the impact of the Caspian Sea vapors, cold north wind and the forests of North and East is extremely effective in rainfall and temperature fluctuations of this province.
Museum (s)
Natural History museum in Ardabil, Anthropology museum in Ardabil, Handicraft museum in Ardabil, Ardabil religious figures museum, Ardabil celebrity Museum, Archaeology museum, Stone museum and the library of Sheikh Safi, Chinese museum or Chinese house, Khalkhal Archaeological Museum
Site Attractions (s)
Fandoghlou jungle, Tomb of Sheikh Safi al-Din, Shorabil lake, Heyran defile, Tomb of Sheikh Heydar, Neor lake,Sabalan mountain,Nadery bridge, Sarein spa and …



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