Fars Province

122,608 km²
Language (s)


Main Cities
Shiraz, Abadeh, Eqlid, Khorrambid, Bavanat, Rostam, Pasargad, Marvdasht, Sepidan, Mamasani, Kazerun, Arsanjan, Kharameh, Sarvestan, Kavar, Firuzabad, Neyriz, Estahban, Fasa, Jahrom, Farashband, Ghir and Karzin, Darab, Zarrin Dasht, Khonj, Larestan, Gerash, Mohr, Lamerd
Cover (s)
Tribal women’s clothing includes hats, R-khaleq, breeches and shoes that are more diverse and vivid in color and is inspired by the nature. Men's clothing consists of hats, shirts, R-khaleq, belts, Choqhe and Kapank. In Pahlavi era, they were forced to wear the same dress as other people in Iran.
Famous Shopping Centers
Fars star complex, Hafez commercial complex, Gandi commercial complex, Shahr-e Shab Mall, Bahraini Mall, Frjadiyan Mall
Famous Handicraft (s)
Rugs, carpets and Gabbeh are among the most important handicrafts of this province. Then arts like inlay; inlaid wood; painting on wood, pottery and ceramic; and seven-color tile are the most important ones.
Fars Province also known as Pars or Persia in historical context, is one of the thirty-one provinces of Iran and known as the cultural capital of Iran. It is in the south of the country, in Iran's Region and its administrative center is Shiraz.
There are three distinct climatic regions in Fars Province. First, the mountainous area of the north and northwest with moderate cold winters and mild summers. Secondly, the central regions, with relatively rainy mild winters, and hot dry summers. The third region located in the south and southeast, has cold winters with hot summers.
Museum (s)
Persepolis Museum, Sassani Museum, historical gems Museum, Museum of Karim-Khan, Orangery Museum, Military Museum, Museum of Persia
Site Attractions (s)
Estahban waterfall, Margoon waterfall, Khajavi Kermani tomb, Shah Cheragh tomb, the tomb of Cyrus the Great, Karimkhan castle, Pyrmrad Holy Shrine, Qeisarieh Bazaar, Coppersmith Bazaar, Vakil Bazaar, New Bazaar, Eram Garden, Paradise Garden, Jahan Nama Garden, Delgosha Garden, Afifabad Garden, Qavam Garden, Neshat Garden, Nazar Garden, Garden for Birds, Lost Paradise, Persepolis, Timurid Hill, Zahhak Hill, Hafeziyeh, Ali Khan bath, Farashband bath, Mayynk bath, Nujin bath, Vakil bath, Panthers valley, Xerxes gateway (Gate of All Nations), Qur'an gateway, Parishan Lake (Famur), Maharloo Lake (salt), Dalaki River, Six Old River and Lake, Solomon Prison, Mushir house, Tomb of Saadi, Bishapour historic city, Surmagh pavilion, Crusher Cave, Shapur Cave, Bahram-e Gur castle, Pond castle, Dokhtar castle, Sassanid castle of Izadkhast, Giant Dragon Castle, Ardashir Palace, Cyrus Palace, Ardeshir Sassanid Palace, Tachara Palace, Firozabad Palace, Central Palace, Achaemenid Palace (Lyduma), Hadish Palace, Izadkhast Inn, Neyriz Inn, Pasargad Ancient Complex, Arsanjan Mosque, Atiq Mosque, Age Stone Mosque, protected area of Blackberry, Kazerun narcissus Fields, Bahram embossment, Pitched Battle embossment, Coronation of Ardashir embossment, Naqsh-e Rajab, Naqsh-e Rostam, The victory, Bamou National Park, Pooladkaf ski resort, Sweet Fountain, Apadana palace



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