Gilan Province

14,044 km2
Language (s)
Farsi (official) and Azerbaijani Turkic


Main Cities
Rasht, Astara, Astan-e Ashrafiyyeh, Fuman, Lahijan, Langrud, Rudbar, Roudsar, Shaft, Talesh, and Soumahe Sara, Rezvan Shahr, Anzali, Masal, Amlash, Siahkol.
Famous Souvenir (s)
Cookie, Garlic, Olive, Olive oil, Fish
Cover (s)
In distant past, Gilani women wore large scarves and headbands on their forehead. Gilani men would wear a rough woolen coat called "Chukha" or "Chukhe" with ordinary pants and a fedora. Most of the men have a red collarless shirt. A shawl is also used for wrapping the waist. The scarves are used more in the celebrations and weddings.
Famous Handicraft (s)
Gilan handicrafts include a variety of straw stuck such as caps, mats, bags and also rugs which are woven in Talesh.
Gilan Province lies along the Caspian Sea, west of the province of Mazandaran, east of Ardabil province, and north of the provinces of Zanjan and Qazvin. It also borders the Republic of Azerbaijan in the north. The main city of the province is Rasht.
Gilan nature is covered with forests and has a temperate and wet climate. It includes northwest green areas of Alborz Mountains and the western part of the southern coast of the Caspian Sea.
In Gilan major linguistic groups are Gilaki, Taleshi and Tati.
Famous Food (s)
Mirzaghasemi, Baghala Ghatogh, Kateh (rice) and fish
Museum (s)
Rural Heritage Museum of Gilan, Rasht Treasure Museum, Museum of Anthropology and Wildlife in Masuleh, Museum of Iran’s tea History, Bandar Anzali Military Museum, Museum of Zoology, Aquatic Museum
Site Attractions (s)
Sheikh Zahed Gilani Tomb, Masuleh village, Roodkhan castle in Fuman, Sayed Jalal-e-Din Ashraf tomb in Astan-e Ashrafieh, Laton Waterfall, Mirza Kuchak Khan Tomb, Mirza Kuchak Khan house, Saravan forest in Rasht, Mohtasham garden, Rasht trench Dam, Rasht Bazaar and ...



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