Hamadan Province

Hamadan Province
Hamadan Province
19,546 km2
Language (s)
Farsi (official) and Azerbaijani Turkic


Main Cities
Hamadan, Malayer, Nahavand, Tuiserkan, Kabudarahang, Asadabad, Razan, Bahar, Famenin
Cover (s)
Men’s traditional clothing: Headwear (including wool and cotton hats, such as fedora, Shapoo hats and etc.), clothing (Koynik, vest, pants, etc.), footwear (Charoq, Giveh, Galesh) Women’s traditional clothing: Headwear (including scarf, veil, skullcap, etc.), clothing (Koynik, Tumban, Rkhaleq, Dosh Loq), footwear (Boton, Saghari, Ersi, Galeh)
Famous Shopping Centers
Hamadan bazaar, Zagros Tower, Jahan Nama Tower Mall, Mahestan Shopping Center, Pasteur Tower, Delta Mall, Kafashkhaneh bazaar
Famous Handicraft (s)
Pottery, ceramics, furniture and woodcarving, basket weaving
Hamadan province is located in the west part of Iran. Its capital is Hamadan city. This province is bounded in the north by Zanjan province, in the south by Lorestan province, in the east by Markazi province, and in the west by Kermanshah and Kurdistan provinces. Hamadan is one of the mountainous provinces of Iran. The highest point in this province is the Alvand peak. Modern Hamadan is what is left of Ecbatana, the Medes' capital before they formed a union with the Persians.
In general, due to high mountains, rivers and roughness, Hamadan’s climate is highly variable. Winters are cold, snowy and rainy and the summers are mild.
Museum (s)
Bu Ali Museum, Natural History Museum in Hamadan, Hegmataneh Museum, Nazari comprehensive Museum, Hamadan Museum of celebrities, Museum of pottery, Sacred Defense Museum, Crafts Museum in Hamadan
Site Attractions (s)
Ali Sadr Cave, Shirsangy (stone lion) statue, Hegmataneh (Ecbatana) ancient city, Ganjnameh inscriptions, Alavian Dome, Hamadan Jame Mosque, Tomb of Esther and Mordecai, the prophet Hayaghugh shrine, Avicenna tomb, the tomb of Baba Taher, ancient Nooshijan citadel in Malayer, Haj Agha Torab bath, Yazdegerd III Castle, Ardalan Castle, Samen underground city, Bahram Temple, Sarab cave and castle, Kabudarahang dam, Giyan mirage and hill, Goorab fort in Malayer, Green mountain, Cangavar Kohne mirage, Farsban mirage, Malusan mirage, Gamasiyab mirage in Nahavand, Laodiseh temple, Tarikdareh ski resort, Lalejin city, Alexander grave, Imamzadeh Yahya, Hamedan Church and ...


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