Kordestan Province

Kordestan Province
Kordestan Province
28.203 km2
Language (s)


Main Cities
Sanandaj, Marivan, Baneh, Saqqez, Qorveh, Piranshahr, Bijar, Kamyaran, Dehgolan, Diwandarreh and Sarvabad
Famous Souvenir (s)
The province boasts various local confectioneries such as Konjed, Badam-Sukhteh, Baslogh, and Nan-berenji. From among these confectioneries Konjed is specifically made in Sanandaj and is highly favored by customers.
Cover (s)
Traditional Kurdish women’s outfit includes either a vest or long-sleeved jacket or long overcoat worn over a gown. An under dress and puffy pants is worn beneath the gown. A belt over the gown is also needed. Traditionally women wore Kurdish hats ornamented with valued colored stones, beads and gold pieces. Overtime this has become less common. Now it is more popular among women to only accessorize with gold jewelry. Usually younger women and young girls wear brightly colored dresses adorned with many beads and sequins and the older women wear darker colors. Generally, Kurdish costume pieces are: The vest, long-sleeved jacket and overcoat; The gown; The under layers; The belt; Rank and Chogha; The traditional Kurdish hat; Traditional Kurdish gold jewelry.
Famous Shopping Centers
Sanandaj Bazaar, The ancient Bazaar of Saqhez, The bazaar of Bijar
Famous Handicraft (s)
This province enjoys having various valuable handicrafts. From among the various handicrafts of this province we can name carpet-weaving and wood works which have gained world-wide popularity. Chessboard and backgammon board are two important and delicate woodworks of this province. Other handicrafts are Traditional Weaving or Julai (The fabrics used in making the ethnic costumes of Kurdish men are traditionally woven by Julais). From among the other weaving products we can name Mowj (which is used for wrapping mattresses, pillows and blankets), Ja-Namaz (over which Kurdishpeople say their prayers), Carpets and Rug Weaving.
Kurdestan or Kordestan Province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in the west of Iran and bound by Iraq on the west, the province of West Azerbaijan to its north, Zanjan to the northeast, Hamedan to the east and Kermanshah to the south. The capital of Kurdistan Province is the city of Sanandaj.
Kurdistan is one of the most mountainous (hilly) regions in Iran and has a generally mild and quite pleasant climate throughout the spring and summer. Winters are long and can be very cold with heavy snowfalls.
Museum (s)
Sanandaj Museum, The house of kurds (asef mansion), Salar Saeid mansion, Khan Bath in Sanandaj, Natural history museum
Site Attractions (s)
Jame Mosque in Sanandaj, Khosro–Abad Mansion, Vakil Mansion, Moshir Diwan Mansion, The ancient castle of Ziwiyeh, Zeriwar lake, The ancient castle of Ghamchoghay, The protected zone of Bijar, The Ancient Cave of Karaftoo, Uraman, Palangan Village, …


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