Razavi Khorasan Province

118,884 km2
Language (s)


Main Cities
Mashhad, Quchan, Dargaz, Chenaran, Sarakhs, Fariman, Torbat-e Heydarieh, Torbat-e Jam, Taybad, Khaf, Roshtkhar, Kashmar, Bardaskan, Nishabur, Sabzevar, Gonabad, Kalat, Khalilabad, Mahvelat, Binalood, Zaveh, Khushab, Joghatay, Bajestan, Torghabeh, Bakharz
Famous Souvenir (s)
Turquoise stone, saffron, spices, clay stone and rosary beads
Cover (s)
The most elegant silk fabrics are woven in traditional workshops of Zavin Kalat. Applying red, yellow, pink and dark blue in the textile has turned Turkmen’s, Kurds’ and Turks’ local clothing into an exquisite work of art. Baloch men and women also use their traditional clothing. Baloch women in addition to the flowery fabrics, apply the art of embroidery in providing their traditional clothing. People living in Bar (located in North West of Nishabur) wear traditional clothes. A man’s usual clothing consists of a skullcap, a green scarf and a vest. A woman’s local clothing includes black trousers (often aberrant), a wrinkled skirt (Shlyteh) made of canvas with beautiful decorations, a coat of embroidered velvet. A Woman’s Satin scarf is in black with a red fringe, which is called Kalaghi. An urban Woman wears a green scarf.
Famous Shopping Centers
East-Diamond commercial complex, Proma Hypermarket, Alton business center, Kian-centre shopping mall, Zist Khavar business centre
Famous Handicraft (s)
Razavi khorasan has various crafts that carpet is the most famous among them. Also etching, silverwork, gilding, writing different books, Quran, miniatures and drawings are artifacts of residents of Khorasan Razavi province.
Razavi Khorasan Province is a province located in northeastern Iran. This province is one of the three provinces that were created after the division of Khorasan Province in 2004. “Razavi” term refers to Imam Reza holly shrine in Mashhad.
It features a variable climate with hot summers and cool winters. Summers are typically hot and dry, with high temperatures sometimes exceeding 43 °C. Winters are typically cool to cold and somewhat damper, with overnight lows routinely dropping below freezing.
Museum (s)
Museums of Astan Qods Razavi, central Museum, Quran Museum, Museum of Iran’s supreme leader’s gifts, Stamp Museum, Carpet Museum, Museum of Mashhad History, Naderi Museum
Site Attractions (s)
Imam Reza holly shrine, Goharshad mosque, Parizad school, Green dome, Nadir Shah Mausoleum, Torghabeh, Shandiz, Vakil Abad Park, Kuh Sangi, Gohartaj Tomb, Pamenar mosque, Jame’ mosque, Harounieh dome, Ferdowsi Mausoleum, Naderi inscription, Sun Mansion, Blue Dome mosque, Atiq city, Sheikh Ahmad Jami (in Torbat-e Jam), Korat Tower, Golshan garden, …



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